GlycoLeap is not just an app - our health experts are always by your side. Your coach has years of clinical experience and are highly trained accredited dietitians. They will monitor your progress and give you daily feedback to keep you on track.

Your Health Coaches

Hannah Berkeley
Lead Dietitian

Hannah is a registered dietitian with 10 years of experience in practising as in both UK & Asia. Previously, she worked as a senior specialist diabetes dietitian at the University Hospitals of Leicester, United Kingdom. She is passionate about supporting you to make great choices, while still enjoying your foods.

Bonnie Lau

Bonnie is an Australian-trained dietitian with over 3 years of experience working in several top hospitals in Singapore. She loves food, and she wants to empower people like you to enrich their health through food. In her free time, she also dabbles in art, culture and travel.

Georgen Thye

Georgen is a dietitian with 4 years of clinical experience working at the National Heart Institute of Malaysia. His knowledge of nutrition and dietetics has changed his life, helping him to lose 30kg and keeping it off. Georgen also likes cooking, singing, and photography.

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