Your health coaches can teach you how you can still enjoy your favourite foods while achieving a healthier weight. There's no need to spend money on 'miracle cures' that don't work, or make drastic changes to your diet.

All you need to do to get started is to snap a photo of your meal - it's easy to do. 

1. Tap on the big blue '+' sign at the bottom of the screen in Glyco app

2. In the next screen, you can snap a photo using your phone's camera, or pick a photo from your photo library.

3. Type in a short description about your food. In this case below, I had a garden salad with some chicken. If there is a matching item in our database, you can select it from the options that appear. Otherwise, just tap 'Save' at the top right corner

4. Tag your food as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or a Snack by tapping the appropriate option. You can also add a mood, change the time and location of your meal. Here, I had this for dinner, and it was at one of my favourite healthy cafes so I was excited about it. Once done, tap 'Save' at the top right corner

That's it! Your food photo automatically goes over to your health coaches. They'll review your meals regularly, give you daily suggestions, and guide you through a personal diet plan.

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