After downloading Glyco app and creating an account, you should receive a prompt asking you to allow Glyco app access to your phone's pedometer or steps activity.

How it looks like on Android:

How it looks like on iPhone:

Allow access, and the data of your step-count recorded on your phone will be automatically synced to Glyco app.

However in the event that you did not allow Glyco to access data in the popup above, and do not see your step-count data in Glyco app, here are the steps to take:

On your iPhone:

1. Go to Glyco app and click on "Sign in"
2. Sign in with your email address / username and password
3. Click on the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of the app
4. Click on "Privacy Settings"
5. Allow Glyco to access "Motion & Fitness

On your Android:

1. Go to your phone's "Settings"
2. Tap on "Apps"
3. Find and select "Glyco"
4. Tap on "Permissions"
5. Allow Glyco to access "Body Sensors"

After allowing access, your steps data should appear on the Glyco app timeline.

If you face issues with the step data, please contact

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